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Michael Hadley


Michael has been involved in CrossFit since 2011. He discovered his love for it during his final year of college at the University of Louisville, where he obtained his degree in Exercise Science. He was drawn to CrossFit by the intensity and difficulty of it, and the constant pursuit of mastery in so many facets of sport and fitness. It's ability to change people's lives, however, has kept him involved all these years.

Michael has spent the past seven years honing his skills as a CrossFit trainer, and is ready to bring his knowledge and experience to the community. He will be making our tribe stronger and more fit through his own programming for Butchertown CrossFit.

Bill Mayo


Bill is a 7-time Collegiate National Champion with the University of Louisville and Morehead State University cheerleading programs. Bill has also won three All-Star World Championships as an athlete and coach, and was a member of the gold-medal winning team USA Co-Ed team in 2009. Since his cheerleading days, Bill has found that competitive drive and personal motivation in CrossFit, and loves finding new physical limits.

In the 8 years that been involved in CrossFit, he has learned a great deal about who he is. He brings a vast array of coaching abilities and prior athletic experiences to the Butchertown CrossFit team.

Katie Blieden


Katie has been involved in CrossFit since 2008. Growing up, Katie was a competitive gymnast. After retiring from gymnastics, she instantly found and fell in love with competitive cheerleading. This passion led her to cheer in college with the National Champion University of Louisville Co-Ed squad. During and after college, Katie coached many competitive gymnastics and cheerleading teams.

During the day, Katie works for Jefferson County Public Schools as an Assistant Principal. She is eager to bring her love of teaching and learning to the Butchertown CrossFit team!

Ryan Danner


After being introduced to CrossFit in 2012, Ryan was immediately hooked on the sport. Having played Division II basketball at Bellarmine University, she was immediately drawn to the intensity, competition and dedication CrossFit offered.

Missy Owens


Missy was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 and has been coaching since 2017. She grew up around sports but never took an interest. That quickly changed when she got married and packed on some heavy newly- wed weight. CrossFit has given her more than just a love for fitness, It's taught her that exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood. "What I love most about coaching is seeing the confidence grow in athletes not just in the gym but how they carry themselves through life."

Becky Oesterritter


Becky was first introduced to CrossFit in 2007, and has made it a serious part of her life since 2012. She is a graduate of Murray State University, where she competed in collegiate mountain biking. She is currently a firefighter with the Clarksville Fire Department. She has always had a passion for sports and fitness and found that CrossFit fed that competitive drive and always challenged her abilities.

She has competed in several CrossFit competitions, including CrossFit Regionals and the Granite Games. Becky can’t wait to inspire those joining the Butchertown CrossFit family to push themselves beyond what they thought was possible!

Jonathan Hobbs


Jonathan was introduced to CrossFit in the summer of 2018. He has a background in collegiate cycling, triathlons and powerlifting. He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky Physical Therapy program and has been a licensed physical therapist for six years. As a physical therapist, Jonathan has worked with patients with a wide variety of mobility and skill levels and and has found a passion for helping athletes of all levels return to sport and activity.

He has held certifications through the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS), and is very excited to combine his background as a physical therapist with the training methodologies of CrossFit.

Stevi Hood


Stevi has long had a drive for fitness and competition, playing sports growing up, and finding Rugby in college Stevi took to the gym and the classroom to learn all she could about Strength and Conditioning. Graduating with a degree in Exercise Science, with an emphasis in Health and Fitness from the University of South Carolina she worked with Carolina's Sports Performance program assisting with multiple teams in their weight room training and athlete conditioning.

After moving to Louisville she worked as a Personal Trainer at commercial gyms and led small group classes. Joining Butchertown CrossFit as a member in early 2019 and falling in love with the programming, facility and community she tested for her CF L1 in Jan. 2020. Stevi is always excited to train others, help individuals meet their goals and work hard to get better.

Tisha Chavez


Tisha was introduced to CrossFit when she moved to Louisville in 2018. She was first drawn to CrossFit because it allowed her to incorporate her background in competitive gymnastics into her fitness routine. She fell in love with the intensity, competitive atmosphere, and amazing community that CrossFit offers. As a registered nurse, she is passionate about helping others better their health and quality of life and is excited to be a part of the BTCF team!

Will Meza


Will became involved in CrossFit in 2013. Before doing CrossFit, he played collegiate level soccer at NAIA division St. Catherine College. Will was introduced to CrossFit by a friend and quickly fell in love with it. He loved how competitive, intense and humbling a simple workout felt. Will's natural desire to help people is the reason he chose to become a firefighter and became involved in coaching. He loves being part of a community that helps build strong, confident athletes from all walks of life.

Adam Ennis


Adam was introduced to CrossFit by his weightlifting coach in 2016 and thought it was crazy. He would pop in and out of different gyms but it wasn't until he landed at Butchertown that he realized how much he really enjoyed CrossFit. Starting out as a client in 2019, Adam began working to shed some very unwanted pounds and to improve his overall fitness. Adam obtained his Level 1 in January 2021 and quickly found a passion for coaching. Adam enjoys Olympic lifting, personal improvement, crushing goals, and helping members get better everyday. More than anything, he likes to have fun!

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