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“I joined Butchertown Crossfit in late 2019 and it has completely changed my life. I tested out a couple different gyms in the area and from the first moment I walked into Butchertown, I knew I had found a home. The coaches spent time making sure I was working out safely and I felt as if they were equally invested in my progress. Butchertown has such a diverse group of members and they have always made me feel so welcome, as if I was part of a family. Their hours allow me to get in there at just about any time of day and when I show up, there is always someone there to greet me with encouraging words. Because of the support I received, and continue to receive at Butchertown Crossfit, I have been able to stay committed to my health and fitness goals, resulting in a weight loss of 50 pounds and countless other milestones. I have learned to do pull-ups, double unders, and rope climbs, to name a few. I have even been inspired to take the Crossfit Level 1 Trainer exam. Butchertown Crossfit will always be home to me and I recommend this place to anyone interested in improving their health and wellness.”

Adam-Ennis’s story

“I started CrossFit in 2016 at another gym and frankly, was totally overwhelmed by everything. Despite being an athlete all my life, I’d never held a barbell and didn’t know what wall balls, double unders or muscle-ups even were. I had to scale and modify almost every movement, but I stuck with it. Then, when Butchertown CrossFit opened, I signed up as a member before they even opened all because of the coaches — they are friendly, knowledgeable, and relentlessly supportive. When I walked into the gym for the first time, I felt like I was home, and that feeling has not changed in the past two-plus years since they’ve been open. This place is special — the community they have built here is filled with passion, encouragement, and purpose. It’s a place where you can feel comfortable in your own skin and space. In my first year @ BTCF, everything I did improved, and I started reaching goals that I’d had since I started doing CrossFit, all thanks to the coaching I received. I still have a long way to go, but every day I move the dirt and I get better, thanks to the coaching and the community (which is really more like a family). Come workout with us!”

Heather Dearing’s story

“The end of 2018 was approaching quickly, which meant an end to my forties, something I had been dreading the past couple of years. The beginning of my fifties brought along other new beginnings in my life. I was finally beginning to get my diet under control, I was beginning to run longer distances again, and I was beginning to actually act on something I had talked about doing for a long while. I had done some light crossfit-ish type of classes in the past, something I enjoyed but never made a habit of doing. I was a regular gym goer, workouts I found online, or in various classes but never really found a niche. Just enough to keep everything in check, but honestly not really knowing what I was doing. I had popped into a couple of crossfit gyms when a friend suggested Butchertown Crossfit, brand new and close to my house. I stopped in for a visit, and decided to quit thinking about it and jump in. Everything being brand new, the location close to my house and greeted by a giant LOVE mural painted on the outside wall as I walked in the door were initial deciding factors.

The first 8 days of foundations classes, learning the ropes, meeting the trainers and getting a feel for what I was getting myself into was quite an eye opener. My legs were sore for days, my hands burned from attempting to climb a rope.”

JD Dotson’s story

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